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This is an avvie commonly used by people who abandon or adopt plot bunnies.

A Plot Bunny is the fursona-version of failed fanfic ideas that furfags fap to while thinking of MOAR fanfic ideas. Plot bunnies can usually be identified by a lack of originality, win, and usually end with the creator DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING when they realize that they fail at life. Plot bunnies are often done for fanfic writers who can't think of another way for L to buttfuck Kira.

Many say, that plot bunnies can be an excellent source of lulz and win. The general public has since refuted said offer because of the fact that plot bunnies can produce no lulz, as the creators are too busy fapping to gay porn of two imaginary characters to actually put more effort into said rodent other than 'L IZ LIKE A VAMPIRE AND LIGHT IS LIKE A HUNTER AND THEY HAVE SECKSSS!!11 FAV PLZ N COMMENT!'.

It has been rumored that somewhere there are indeed good plot bunnies, but this notion is suffering from a lack of proof, as 99% of people looking for plot bunnies are either busy fapping to BAWWWruto Shippuden or attention-whoring on deviantart to have enough intelligence to actually understand proper Engrish, let alone any vague concept of originality or talent.

Plot Bunny Creator and Adopter:[edit]

The person who abandons a plot bunny after having an idea for one is called a plot bunny creator. They are esteemed as Gods and often get there asses licked by the parasitic fan-base, in spite of how retarded their ideas may be.
The person who adopts a plot bunny is called a plot bunny adopter.

Plot Bunnies VS. Plot Rabbits[edit]

The difference between a plot bunny and a plot rabbit:

  • A 'plot bunny' is a plot idea for fanfiction piece.
  • A 'plot rabbit' is a plot idea for an original fiction piece.
  • A 'plot rabbit' can actually not fail.

People Who Use Plot Bunnies[edit]

  • 16-year-old girls
  • Lifeless, wapanese weeaboos with no friends IRL
  • EDiots
  • IRL famous author Jorge Luis Borges, considered the greatest writer of Argentina and inventor of "magic realism", built his entire career around writing plot bunnies and calling them "short stories" because he was too lazy to develop his ideas to the length he admitted they deserved, proving once and for all that Argentina is not white.
  • All fanfiction authors; No exceptions.

Where to Find Naruto Plot Bunnies and Other External Links[edit]

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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