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An example of someone who is not a Not-Bob.

A Not-Bob is a fandom-specific term for a troll who attacks people or communities s/he believes to have wronged them in some way -- i.e., a troll with a vendetta. On ED, these people are referred to as "new users."


The first Not-Bob was a troll who got pissed off at Lj-favicon.png pottersues for mocking a particular Mary Sue fanfic. Several people called the troll "Bob," because another anonymous troll on FanFiction.Net was attacking people for criticizing the same author. The troll replied "My name is not Bob!", to which someone else replied "Alright then, Not-Bob it is," and the name stuck.

These trolls are typically outraged Suethors or their friends. A favorite Not-Bob phrase is "U sUCk!!1!1!!1111!1" repeated ad nauseam. They also bring their sockpuppets into the fray, to the fanfic lesbians' amusement.

Noted troll Lj-favicon.png FU_Deleterius's technique consisted of rambling about tacos while using a Smurf icon, so Smurfs and tacos are associated with Not-Bobs.

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