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In the 1990's, a little known game system called the Philips CD-I featured a trio of godawful Zelda games that trolled and caused much drama throughout the Zelda fandom. This was due to their bad gameplay, abysmal controls, cutscenes drawn by poorly skilled Russians held at gunpoint, and voice acting worse than any of the talentless dicks from 4Kids (though not as bad as Resident Evil). Due to said infamy of these games, /b/tards took notice and proceeded to extract the lulz from them. Then the guys who make Youtube Poops extracted an equal amount of anti-lulz from them.




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Various horrible sounds from this game were ripped apart and glued back together by the Something Awful goons back in September 2006. Shmorky then added retarded animation to Verix's remix and proceeded to excrete it into the Something Awful flash tub for the world to see. The song itself is frighteningly catchy and can be viewed here.

Harkinescence - Bring King to life

These music videos is what all true musicians strive for

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The Triforce predicts a little tmi
The King keeps a gun just in case...
For Harassment Purposes
The wonders of Photoshop

One video gallery is not enough to contain all this shit

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Official fan animation of a YouTube Poop that's not a YouTube Poop

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